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Apes and Androids
awesomeness comes to town
by: Eric Hagemann - February 23, 2008

Though Apes & Androids have only been on the scene since March 2006, the Internet is already dotted with "Clapton Is God"-type pronouncements on the band.One reads: "Apes & Androids Are The Future" (Brooklyn Ski Club).None among us can say where Apes & Androids will go from here.But with the best live show in NY and a catalogue of impeccably crafted songs, Apes & Androids set a new benchmark.How good will bands of coming years have to be to compete? As A&A demonstrate: pants-shittingly awesome.Interview with Brian Jacobs, guitar and co-lead vocals.

With things moving so quickly for you guys, how does it feel?

We're finally doing the things with our shows that we've always wanted to do, and the fact that all these people are embracing it makes it one gigantic dream come true.The crowds at our shows have been amazing.The people who come out to our shows are so cool and willing to get down with us!It just motivates us to work even harder and make our next show even better.It's all very envigorating. There's vigor everywhere. It's getting all over everything.

You guys have been playing together many years, but your first show was just a few months ago. Why the long wait?

David and Eric and I had played in a previous band together.Apes & Androids formed around December of 2005 after we'd connected with Will and Morgan, but we didn't play our first show until the end of March. We needed the four months to incubate, to learn the new material we'd been writing and figure out how to play together.That was pretty easy, actually, because Will and Morgan are both insanely gifted musicians.It took us like six years but David and I have finally developed an extremely successful set of techniques for tricking people into our band.

Tell me about your background with [co-lead singer] David.

David and I grew up together.We started writing songs together in 5th grade and had a band through middle and most of high school (we totally rocked battle of the bands).During our sophomore year we started what would be called a "side project" if it didn't immediately become The Project itself.It was just the two of us holed up in David's room with a Tascam 8-track and then a primitive version of Pro Tools.We discovered overdubbing.Suddenly, there were a million possibilities that weren't there before.We could use more than just bass, drums and guitars.We could use twelve guitars!The studio was also liberating because we could finally sit there and work through new ideas without having to first get approval from the rest of the band or each other.I think that was a really formative period in our creative relationship.We've developed our techniques and style since then, but the essence of the collaboration is still based on the same sense of exploration.

How did the 4-part Gregorian chant-like harmonies - one of your signature moves - come into practice?

We're all obsessed with vocal harmony.There's just something undeniably magical about it.It was actually banned from the church for a while in the 14th century for, among other things, being distractingly beautiful.We started experimenting with it as soon as our recording systems allowed us more tracks.I can remember the first thing I did when we first got a new 24-track version of Pro Tools was record 24 tracks of vocals.Is there anything better???


"We're finally doing the things with our shows that we've always wanted to do, and the fact that all these people are embracing it makes it one gigantic dream come true."

Apes and Androids

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