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shaking things up
by: Christina Morelli - September 3, 2010

From the midnight show at Rockwood Music Hall to the lofts of good ole’ BK, the guys from Chappo have been stirring up the indie music scene with good times, good vibes, and great sounds.  The catastrophically crazy Southern duo, comprised of Alex Chappo and Chris Olson Chappo, have an energy that transcends from the stage to the streets, leaving a wake of “space dust” in their trail that keeps fans moving, shaking, and coming back for more. Often described as a huge party, Chappo shows set the bar regarding cosmic energy and out-of-body experiences, complete with props, noisemakers, and the occasional instrument. Their music is fearless, innovative and downright fun, infusing classic indie pop with complete chaos, achieving their goal of making the Chappo experience one meant to be out of this world.

How did you guys meet and when did you discover you wanted to start making music together?

Alex: We first met as pen pals in the 5th grade. Chris would always ask me if I rode alligators to school cause I was from Baton Rouge. I asked him if he'd ever seen Sasquach in Seattle.

Chris: Yeah, and then 15 years later we reconnected when I was looking for a new apt in the East Village on Craigslist. It was immediately obvious that we were interested in a lot of the same music & weird stuff, but additionally we had really diverse backgrounds playing different styles of music.

Your shows have been described as having a "party" atmosphere. What do you want the audience to take away from your performance?

Chris: We want our audience to get involved. Dance, jump up and down and beat on things… maybe even howl.

Alex: We want to create the kind of energy that rouses them up, shakes them and stirs them out of their daily routine. A live performance is different from an album or EP. We'd like to think that people don't want you to just play the record, they want an experience, something that is unique to that moment in time.

What were you influenced by to create the tracks on your latest EP, “Plastique Universe?”

After writing Sci-Fi Bandits, we thought it would be cool to expand on the story about shape shifting bandits in a parallel world. It seemed like a good way to bring the album together cohesively. We were excited about combining the styles of Tarantino and Bowie.

We were listening to a lot of fun, new stuff last summer when we were recording the EP: Empire of the Sun, Phoenix, Flaming Lips. We also liked the treatment of vocals on the new Grizzly Bear album and Japanther's raw energy. Plus we were into the vibe of older records like the dirtiness of listening to Sticky Fingers on vinyl or a Lou Reed record, and the groove of a Talking Heads song.

What has been your favorite place to play in New York City? Did something specifically make that moment stand out for you?

We've played all over the East Village and LES and are now getting out more in Brooklyn. We just had our EP release at Glasslands and really liked the vibe in there. Lately, we've played some killer loft parties. They usually don't have the best equipment, but there is an element of danger and spontaneity that you can't get from a club.

What is the most unique instrument you've ever created sound from? Why?

Our mouths. You can make any sound out of your mouth, and you don’t need to have a Masters in Jazz to do it.


" We want our audience to get involved. Dance, jump up and down and beat on things… maybe even howl! "

"Plastique Universe"

listen to "

what it is

Indie-Space-Pop - The Stones meet Beck supported by The Flaming Lips in outer space.