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Fang Island
high fives till the hands fall off
by: Dale W. Eisinger - July 15, 2010

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Some of what Fang Island has to say might be taken with a grain of salt – they are notoriously snarky in interviews, but that sort of goes along with the playful nature of the band’s powerful tunes. No matter what, they’re funny to read they’re even more fun to contemplate as the transcendent force of pure fun and happiness they envision themselves to be. I’d say they’re getting close to that vision – with a huge album (in sound and in impact) in the bag and a streak of luck that just can’t be paralleled (they found the very touring van that was stolen from them) Fang Island is poised for surfing some cosmic waves of joy in the next few months.

You’ve been playing a ton of shows, but the only place I really picture you playing is the Coliseum or Yankee Stadium. How are you being received at smaller venues?

The smaller venues have been going great, but larger venues are what we intended the songs off our newest record to be played in. The largest venue we have played so far is the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Our tour mates, Red Sparowes, said the power of our music  made the most sense to them when we played in a larger room.  

On the flip side, how stoked are you to tour with The Flaming Lips? Will this be the stadium setting that will let your tunes really burst into the astral plane?

We are very excited to play with the Flaming Lips. We are huge fans and can't wait to be slaughtered by them every night. This run of shows will definitely summon Quetzalcoatl from the astral plane and all in attendance will ride upon his scaly back.   

Yes, ELP, and Rush enter the cage for an all-out brawl – who comes out alive, who’s the ref and why?

The referees of the match would be space cadets Hawkwind at there most wasted. Emerson, Lake and Palmer would enter the arena on Aqua-Tarkus riding on Yes' Topographic Oceans only to be struck down by Rick Wakeman's ice skating knights of the round table. Rush would then fly in on their fake ass Led Zeppelin trying to fire Snakes and Arrows only to crash and burn. Luckily, as Yes begin their victory lap, Robert Fripp crashes the party with his schizoid man and unleashes Another Red Nightmare on Jon A. & co. Yes get Close to the Edge of a waterfall and plummet to their death. End scene.   

Do you have any words of solace you’d like to offer the late Ronnie James Dio?  

Some time in the night/When you're feeling the cold/Take a look at the sky above you/Those are faces in the light/If the story were told/They are calling you, calling you/Yeah/We are magic in the night/We are shadow, we are light/We are forever you and I/We can be strong/We are fire and stone/And we all want to touch a rainbow

Just how many high-fives do you plan on giving over the course of this band? Should there be a national endowment for high-fiving? Are you sick of questions about high-fives?

We will never be sick of high five questions. Your question is very respectable, thank you. We have played shows where we can't get through our fifth encore because our hands have been turned to jelly from the constant high-fiving our audience expects. We will know our band has come to an end when we can no longer play our instruments because our hands are callused, broken and useless from the constant high fives.  

Who’s a better audience: Kindergartners or hipsters?

We prefer Hanksters: a member of the crowd who resembles Tom Hanks.  

What do you want to tell the world right at this moment?

Stay awesome!


"We will never be sick of high five questions. Your question is very respectable, thank you. "

Fang Island
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Anthemic, Stadium-Sized Prog Rock for the Ecstatic Masses For those who like: Andrew WK, Maps and Atlases,