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by: Bill Dvorak - December 3, 2009

The guys in Fiasco create the kind of angular, wire-tight bursts of frenetic math-punk that can simultaneously move crowds and impress even the most technically-minded musicians. The songs are a mind-boggling juggling act of interlocking guitar and bass riffs and manic drums, and they always carry an underlying punk influence (Fiasco started out as a punk covers band, after all). Just check out “Oh You Horny Monster” from Native Canadians (or the entertaining A cappella version on Myspace) for a taste of the fun and complexity that makes up the band’s songs. Mainstays on the Todd P circuit for a while now, Fiasco was formed in 2005 by Jonathan Edelstein (guitar and vocals), Julian Bennett Holmes (drums) and Lucian Buscemi (bass and vocals). They released God Loves Fiasco in 2007 and, after signing to Impose Records in 2008, they dropped Native Canadians. In May 2009 they became the backing band for Bruno Wizard’s proto-punk band the Homosexuals—formed by Wizard in the 70s and then reformed in 2007—after two members left. There’s a new Fiasco full-length in the works and, while you wait anxiously for that, you can download the free two-song ‘Fabulous Bozo’ EP, a tribute to one of Fiasco’s favorite local bands.

Anything new in the works recording or song-wise?
Jonathan: Yes, we've recorded and are trying to put out a new single. We're also about to start recording another full-length, which is tentatively titled The Front. Both of these releases feature material with vocals, in case people may be wondering. [You can have a taste of this on the band's myspace page]

How did you guys end up becoming part of the lineup for the Homosexuals? How’s that been working out so far?
Jonathan: We know Bruno because he's on the same booking agency as us (Panache). We met him when he came to the set of our video dressed as a zombie, and when members of his band left, he asked us if we'd like to play with him. Right now it's just me and Julian backing him up on drums and guitar, but it's going pretty well we've played some fun shows with Dan Deacon and King Khan & the Shrines.

What’s the story behind the ‘Fabulous Bozo’ EP?
Jonathan: Us and another band I play drums in, Banzai, wanted to pay tribute to one of our favorite local bands, Snuffy, so we recorded two of their songs and released it for free in hopes of spreading the word about their awesome music. This summer they're going to release a single and their first album, which we're all really psyched about!


"[Our new] releases feature material with vocals, in case people may be wondering."

""Native Canadians""

listen to "

what it is

Spastic, energetic and thrashy math-punk