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Harper Blynn
deep words, light sounds
by: Lauren Piper - June 17, 2010

Harper Blynn is a combination of childhood friends, college buds and bonds through music that make them who they are today. Previously playing as a duo under the name Pete and J, the Pete Harper and J.Blynn realized they needed a band and called upon J’s friend since middle school Sarab Singh. The three then met Whynot (that is in fact his name) and became the now four-piece Harper Blynn, whose album “Loneliest Generation” wa released on December 15th. Their music is emotional and melodic, with throwbacks to The Beatles and Neil Young, but stepping in and out of newer sounds and genres. With lots of “man-singing” as they say and plucky piano or guitar parts, Harper Blynn seems to be aiming to pull at the heartstrings of their listener.

What prompted the name change from Pete and J? Is it different material, extra members or just a need for change?

The band started with just the two of us playing acoustic guitars and singing in harmony. At the time we were listening to what we think are some of the greatest songwriters of all time: Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, CSNY, even some old jazz like Cole Porter, the Kerns, the Gershwins. We became very intent that the best songs, whether jazz, folk, rock or pop, all start with songwriting. As our songwriting evolved, it became clear that the songs called for a band, and once we found the right members, the name Pete and J no longer felt right Harper Blynn felt right.

Which artists inspire your sound?

Well, there are songs, and then there is how the songs sound, how they hit the ears of the listener. Some of our favorite songwriters are mentioned above. As far as sound, we weren't afraid to let this record sound like a lot of different bands we like: The Cars, Spoon, Wilco, The Killers, MGMT, Peter Gabriel, The Replacements, Elvis Costello.

What is the songwriting dynamic like in Harper Blynn?

The two of us write all the songs, and our collaborative process has a wide range. Sometimes we come to each other with a finished song, other times we write a song completely together. But all songs are what they are because they are filtered through the two of us.

What were your backgrounds before Harper Blynn?

We have more or less grown up making music together. There's not a whole lot before that. We all had nice childhoods, so that was lucky.


"We became very intent that the best songs, whether jazz, folk, rock or pop, all start with songwriting."

Harper Blynn
"Loneliest Generation"

listen to "

what it is

Uplifting, serious, fun, full of man-singing, lyrics and musicians. For those who like: Wilco, Peter Gabriel, Simon and Garfunkel.