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Man on Earth
rocking the planet
by: Catherine Felegi - August 18, 2009

The room was buzzing still from the last band that was up at the Junkyard in Rochelle Park, NJ. A band I never heard of was setting up their equipment, adding to the din that was echoing through the room.

Finally, Nathan, Polaris, Dave and Alex stepped up to the stage and started playing, wowing the crowd and sending everyone cheering after each song. Their commanding stage presence and their inspiring lyrics managed to capture everyone in the room and keep the crowd going long after the band said good night.

That was the first time that I saw Man On Earth in concert on December 28, 2008. Since then, their popularity has grown to immeasurable heights and keeps growing to national levels, even to being honored by Good Day Philadelphia and the Urban Noise Spring Festival. Nor does it seem their popularity will be ending any time soon.

Man On Earth got started by Steven Nathan, vocals. “I started to record a lot of songs in my bedroom,” he states. Next, “it was a process of finding the right people.” All of them hail from different parts of the country and, in the case of Polaris, the world. Because of their different backgrounds, the band says that they can bring their various experiences to the table and use it all in their unique style of music, something Nathan dubbed, “eclectic experimental rock based music with a commercial accessibility.”

The music that Man On Earth writes does not go to the public easily. It takes a lot of re-writing and re-recording their songs in order to get it up to the band’s standards. They re-recorded their first song, “Alright, We’ll Be Fine,” numerous times. At one point, the band went to The Julliard School and told the kids that they should hear the lyrics and listen to the song, eventually coming up with their own music and playing along with the piece. However, they didn’t use the music, instead re-writing it. “It’s all about letting things go,” Nathan explained.

Their inspiration? Dave Garcia, on drums, states, “It’s where I’m comfortable. I’ve been doing it my whole life… As far back I can remember, it makes me feel happy to see everyone else happy. The excitement, that’s what it’s all about.” Nathan says it’s all about the kids. He was first inspired when he heard Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in kindergarten. “The power that song made me feel, the hope it made me feel, I wanted to do that for kids.” Their passion that is incorporated into the music shows their source of inspiration.

Man On Earth tries to go after the interesting and unique when it comes to their music and music videos. For their song, “All We Want,” they asked people to submit photos and videos of themselves with what motivates them. “I wanted people to think about what they really wanted and what kept them a part of society,” Nathan explains. They had a great response. “Nobody said no! We got tons of responses.” The band even went onto the street of Manhattan and asked people to participate in the video, including one man in a power suit who, when asked what drives him, wrote “POWER” in big, bold letters on the white board and showed it to the band. Most people wrote happiness, love, and peace. “It’s the order in which we pursue those things that we define ourselves,” Nathan says.

The most important thing about music to Man On Earth? “Everyone should support independent music… It’s important for bands to support each other.” Man On Earth felt that Dive, Me Talk Pretty, Jealousy Curve and HyperNova really supported them and their music. They frequently perform together and draw off one another’s fans, always inspiring more people with each other’s music. With their interesting sound different from the average rock band, Man On Earth manages to attract fans of all ages.


"I started to record a lot of songs in my bedroom. Next, it was a process of finding the right people. All of them hail from different parts of the country and, in the case of Polaris, the world."

Man on Earth
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Alt Rock that crosses generational gaps, for those who like The Fray, Hoobastank and The Killers, you will love Man On Earth.