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Almost as scary cool as a baby dressed as a pumpkin
by: Whitney Phaneuf - November 14, 2010

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Formed in 2009, Neighbors is led by Williamsburg stoop-dweller and former Jacksonknife founder Noah Stitelman. The band’s debut EP "Hooligans" is out on Paper Brigade, and was written and recorded by Stitelman in his Brooklyn apartment. Evan Johnson, Brian Harney, Steph McParty, and Anne Minor join him to create a rich assault of synth and guitar with brooding vintage pop sensibilities, right down to Stitelman’s lyrics about the small failures of daily life. Stitelman gives us his best bad advice, reveals his Halloween costume, and credits "Hooligans” sound to Harry Potter:

“Hooligans'” cover art and video is perfectly timed for Halloween. Why the ghost image and can we expect a similar costume from you guys this year?
The ghost was just something that I kept coming back to when recording the songs. I kind of wanted the record to sound like the ghost looks. If we were to keep with the theme I would say the next thing would be like a baby dressed as a pumpkin. Google "pumpkin baby costume" so awesome.

What neighborhood do you live in and what are your insider tips?
I live in Williamsburg and you've always got a good chance of finding me at Fette Sau. I also really like that bar Dram on South 4th. It makes me feel classy.

You site "questionable advice, wrong turns" as a source for lyrics and themes. Can you give our readers a dose of bad advice?
Every time you meet someone, ask their last name and then immediately friend request them on Facebook from your phone.

Your name isn't so Google friendly. What other names did you entertain, if any, before deciding on Neighbors.
This is actually keeping with the Halloween theme. I thought for a while that we could capitalize on Vampire Weekends successes and call the band "Frankenstein Friday"

Your sound is lush, moody, and remains pop influenced. What was the inspiration for "Hooligans?”
For this record I was actually trying really hard not to listen to anything too closely associated to the kind of music I was making. I did watch the Harry Potter movies a bunch though. I think they actually inspired me a lot.

How would you describe your live shows?
I would describe our live shows as EXTREME FUN.


"I thought for a while that we could capitalize on Vampire Weekend's successes and call the band 'Frankenstein Friday.'"


listen to "

what it is

Lush, moody, dramatic, gray, melodic, indie pop