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The Pimps of Joytime
soulful world music
by: Courtney Boyd Myers - August 11, 2010

On a Saturday afternoon in the hills of West Virginia, Deli Magazine sat down with Brian J, the lead singer and guitarist for the Brooklyn based funk band, Pimps of Joytime. Pimps of Joytime is: Brian J, Chauncey Yearwood, who brings personality to the congos and vocals, the beautiful Mayteana Morales, who holds it down on samples, percussions and vocals, and Clark Dark form the UK, who plays bass, moog and guitar. Since the level of drumming required to play in Pimps of Joytime is high in demand, the band havs numerous drummers - although their main man lives in New Orleans. The boys have been together for 5 years and have been living in Brooklyn since 1996. When they’re not touring, they spend their time tearing around on their bicycles and checking out new vegetarian restaurants. They’ve been on tour for most of the spring and summer playing numerous cities including Brooklyn Bowl’s SmileFest, High Sierra Music Fest and Zanaibar in Los Angeles and plan to play in Europe and the Caribbean for Jam Cruise.

On a sunny July afternoon, at the All Good Music Festival, we sit down with their lead singer who’s reviving old school while keeping it sublimely funky.

Deli Mag: What does Soul mean to you?
Brian J: Soul is something that comes from down deep. It’s a feeling, an attitude. Soul music is something you can’t necessarily intellectualize but it moves your spirit.

Deli Mag: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?
Brian J: I was singing in my crib.

Deli Mag: How would you describe your sound?
Brian J: We’re afrobeat, Caribbean styles, reggae, dub, and salsa. Funk is probably at the bottom of the list, but I seem to attract a lot of funky people.

Deli Mag: Who are you listening to now?
Brian J: Digging Orgone from Los Angeles ( and we’ve been touring with the New Mastersounds. We met them at High Sierra and now we’ve got our own little gang. And, I always listen to the old blues like Muddy Waters and what’s coming out of New Orleans like the Neville Brothers.

Deli Mag: You were recently down in New Orleans for Jazz Fest which took place just as the BP Oil Spill began. How was that?
Brian J: It’s so sad. But, you know, all I can say, is that I can’t believe that out of all the experts in the world, that this had to happen and go on happening.

Deli Mag: Who are your favorite local artists?
Brian J: Well we’re on Wonderwheel Recordings, so I get to listen to Nickodemus a lot and DJ Concerned.

Deli Mag: Where are your favorite places to go in NYC?
Brian J: Bembe is really cool for music. And since I’m a vegetarian I really like Chai on N6 and Berry. Their Veggie Duck is slamming. For Mexican, Papacitos is where it’s at.


"Soul music is something you can’t necessarily intellectualize but it moves your spirit."

The Pimps of Joytime
"Self Titled"

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what it is

Afrobeat, Caribbean styles, reggae, dub, and salsa, with some funk in the mix.