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The Problem
the really, really dirty beatles
by: Bryan Bruchman - February 12, 2007

The Problem seem to have come out of nowhere - emerging from the studio with an impressive debut record that makes good on their self-proclaimed "disco fuzz" style. Big rock riffs and solid dance beats collide with melody and vocal harmonies, making for some tight pop songs right up there with the classics. They want to be tight like the Beatles and dirty like the Stooges - and they might have figured out how to do just that. Frontman Christian Francis answers some questions.

What took you so long to get a record out?

We spent a lot of time on songwriting and rehearsing so we would be really tight when we went into the studio - and we did a ton of pre-production work and spent quite a few months mixing but we learned a lot, so the next record will come much quicker.

Some of the songs have undergone drastic changes from previous demos to this record - was that a conscious choice?

Christian has really developed as a songwriter so we decided to give some songs a rewrite - so instead of a half assed song, now the song has a whole ass.

What bands do you look up to?

Our heroes are the early Cavern/Hamburg Beatles - that idea of just being able to play any cover song or to have tight 3-part harmony is really appealing to us. The idea behind The Problem has always been to be professional, tight, and fancy like the Beatles, and at the same time dirty and raw like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Stooges.

So why did you chose to cover the B-52's "52 Girls?"

We love the first two B52s albums and we always tell people that we’re a DANCE band, not a rock band. We hope this show what we are trying to do - to be like a much heavier B52's.

What is "Disco Fuzz?"

I think Disco Fuzz is a good way to describe our Nirvana/Madonna/B52 approach to songwriting. We started the label to do things ourselves and soon we are going to put out an EP by My Little Pony.

What are your plans for this record?

We’re following the model that bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have set - using our own resources to get the music out. We do need some money and support, so we are looking for an indie label to help us with distribution and touring, but we'll see how far we can get on our own. This is what we want to do for a living and though it'd be nice to be a millionaire, it'd be beautiful if I could move out of my mother's basement.


"I think Disco Fuzz is a good way to describe our Nirvana/ Madonna/ B52 approach to songwriting."

The Problem
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