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by: Jenni Miller - June 9, 2009

It seems natural that Taigaa, driven by drums and more unearthly sounds, have their own creation myth.

"Jee walked from the deep moss forests of dirt and dark Mindy walked from the highest canopy of rainforest, descending slowly from banana trees, red berries in her beak Kate walked from the sun-soaked desert plains, followed by brush fire and smoking kindling, and Arabella walked from the foamy deposits of the ocean floor. All walked toward the great crystal grotto inhabited only by the wind and rain. Taigaa evolved."

On a less mystical plane, Taigaa was originally the trio of Mindy, Jee, and Jena, who recently left the band to pursue other artistic interests. Mindy and Jee knew Arabella and Kate from the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, where they've all been instructors for four years. When Mindy and Jee invited the two friends to join Taigaa, the transition was easy.

What does Taigaa mean, and why did you choose it as your name?

Taigaa is one of the biggest forests on earth it's in the Arctic. The forest is mostly untouched -- wild, swampy, and dark. We thought our music would somewhat resemble this open-grounded nature of the forest. We are into nature.

How many different instruments do you each play?

Jee plays keys and sings. Mindy plays drums and yells. Arabella plays bass, and Kate plays trumpet. But we all play around with other instruments like keytar, drum machines, wolf howls, jaw harps, banjos, thumb piano, thunder tube … Ya know. We do what we feel like doing at the time. We give each other a lot of liberty to do what we want and trust that it will sound good.

All four of you are involved in a bunch of different projects! Tell me about them.

Kate is in Rude Mechanical Orchestra, a radical marching band in NY. Arabella is in Bloody for Me. Mindy has a solo project called More Teeth and is the drummer for Vibe SongMakers. Jee is a visual artist with a couple of musical projects on the side. We are all inspired by all these projects and bring them into our work with Taigaa.

The experimental music scene is pretty heavily dominated by straight men. Have you found it to be a fairly welcoming milieu?

We play lots of shows with female musicians and the dudes that play music are awesome too. What’s so great about living in New York is that we can play shows all the time.

Tell me about Tom Tom Magazine.

It's a new magazine that Mindy is starting and which Jee photographs for. It's for and about female drummers and will be out summer of 2009. Look out for it. Our website is


"It seems natural that Taigaa, driven by drums and more unearthly sounds, have their own creation myth."


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what it is

Taigaa is a drone-dance band that uses an variety of instruments and noises to bring about new and exciting sounds. RIYL: Battles, DJ Shadow, The Slits