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Thing One
dr. suess's NYC export
by: Dan Berkman - April 23, 2008

Rising out of the swamps of New Jersey, this group of childhood best friends, are dead set on changing how you see dance-rock. From the first second of their debut EP, which comes in the form of the explosive "Move It", Thing One grabs a hold of your collar and drags your ass out on the dance floor. But unlike hardcore bootyshakers like !!! and The Rapture, Thing One mixes their dance rock with interesting lyrics and vocal melodies that pack a powerful emotional punch, have much more in common with acts like The Dismemberment Plan. Thing One and their all too brief four track EP are not just an alcohol soaked party, although I feel if asked they wouldn't mind it now and again, it is more complex then that. Deep as the Grand Canyon and as fun as any dance party, Thing One, are simply dynamite.. A required listen.

What is the songwriting process like in Thing One? Is there a main songwriter or does the whole band write the music?
Words by Joey Palestina and Spencer Miles and music by Thing One (Joey Palestina, Spencer Miles, Adam Scherer, Tim Alworth)

If you could have your wildest dream come true what band would you love to open for?
We'd love to go on tour with Ra Ra Riot, because Spen's brother is in the band, they are insane on stage and a lot of fun to hang out with. Them or The Police.

Who is the best artist/band, discounting yourselves, that are currently out there in the NJ/NY scene?
The Mooney Suzuki, Apes and Androids, Ra Ra Riot are our favorites.


We are currently working on our next record, "Ridiculous Speed," shopping for labels to help us finish it, playing as much as possible around NYC and the Northeast.

Thing One

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what it is

Infectious dance-rock for Those Who Like: Flaming Lips, Talking Heads