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Twin Sister
aural dreamworld
by: Nancy Chow - December 3, 2010

Twin Sister’s idyllic songs are the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s nearly impossible to describe the group’s sound without using the word “dreamy.” Coincidentally, the Brooklyn quintet’s 2008 debut EP is entitled, Vampires with Dreaming Kids but it’s really the pacifying effect of the thick viscosity of Andrea Estella’s breathy voice that hints of Chan Marshall’s smoky pipes paired with the band’s hazy lo-fi warmth that get listeners caught up in reveries. On Twin Sister’s follow-up EP Color Your Life, the band expands its sonic palette with a diverse array of haunting tracks. From the disco-influenced “All Around and Away We Go” to the sleepy romanticism of “Lady Daydream,” the band is able to manipulate different structures and mark them with its signature sound.Regardless of their genre leaps, listeners will never want to wake up from the aural dreamworld they’ve created.

How did you come up with the name Twin Sister?

There are many twin sisters in our families. Andrea has a twin sister who lives in Mexico.

How did Twin Sister form and how did you arrive at your unique sound?
We knew each other for years before we ever attempted to play as a group some of us played in bands together as teenagers. Our sound came from mushing all our ideas together at once.

What goes into writing a Twin Sister song?

A lot of idea-combining often a song has origins in three or four older ideas that we blend together. We call those “idea bubbles.” It's rare that a song comes out of nowhere. The vocal melodies and lyrics almost always come from Andrea and Eric, but there's no single way a Twin Sister song gets written.

You’ve posted up demos since the launch of your website. Why did you decide to do this? Will you continue to post demos as you record them?

Why not! If anyone is interested, a good deal of those “idea bubbles” – the beginnings of songs – are there to explore. Besides that, it's a place for us to archive stuff for reference. We don't post demos as much anymore, but there will be another burst soon.

It seems like there was a lot of material to choose from to include on the EP. Was it your intention to curate an EP with such disparate songs?

When we started, we were trying to record a full-length album, but it became apparent to us that we'd never get it finished in a reasonable amount of time. We were far along on six songs, so we spent a lot of energy making them work together. We write stylistically disparate songs by default, so it then becomes our job to help them coexist in the most interesting way. I don't think we'll always mega-mix them like that, but it was fun.

What is your favorite song to perform live?

“Ginger.” We also just worked out a fun cover song, but I don't want to give it away.

Your music is licensed under a creative commons license attribution, and you mentioned how you wanted to hear Killa Beez over your tracks on your site. Have any fans sent you any remixes that fulfilled your wishes or ones that really stood out?

Yes! The Hood Internet put up a remix of &quotLady Daydream" with some Wu-Tang verses. That was my favorite.

What's next?
We're doing a US tour with The Morning Benders, then we're going to Europe. After that, we're going to start working on a new album.


" Our sound came from mushing all our ideas together at once. "

Twin Sister
"Color Your Life"

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what it is

Dreamy psychedelic pop, for those who like: Cat Power, Sharon Van Etten, The Morning Benders