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The Voyces
feel the noyse
by: Walt Wells - December 17, 2007

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Diet Rock lives, baby! It’s like Yacht Rock minus all those jazzy chords… The Voyces write unpretentious pop music with 0 calories and a toss-it-back flavor. Is it the simple blending of influences like Cat Stevens, early America, or perhaps some bizarro world where Matthew Sweet left his recording cave to frolic in the So Cal sun? Either way, The Voyces have had an interesting rise to the upper echelon of NYC bands and their sound, at its best, feels like second nature.

The Voyces' story starts with Brian Wurschum, a singer/songwriter who moved from California to NYC and formed the Voyces. Brian’s got a Jimmy Buffet vocal style (minus some of the exaggerated twang) and a rock solid harmonic sense. With their initial lineup, The Voyces released "The Angels of Fun" (2003) with Diego Garrido (The Simpsons, The Squid and the Whale) and then had one of its tracks, "Relate To Me," in Jack Johnson’s "Thicker Than Water" film. Original singer Laurel Hoffman left the group in 2004 and after a hiatus Wurschum joined forces with singer Jude Kastle to reform the Voyces (along with drummer Eric Puente and longtime bassist Frank Carreno).

Kastle and Wurschum really are a wonderful pairing. Their voices complement each other well with tight vocal harmonies - often in parallel thirds with Kastle’s throatier alto enriching Wurschum’s understated melodies. The rhythm section is solid and straightforward, making sure the attention stays on the songwriting and vocal choices.

The Voyces have been able to create space for themselves in NYC largely through the timely placement of their music. TV, Movies, Television commercials; all have raised their visibility level outside of NYC without them ever having to step foot outside the city. As Brian told me, "We have yet to tour. (Booking west-coast shows as we speak.)" I found it particularly intriguing that their current release "Kissing Like It’s Love," was at the top of the Barnes & Noble record sales before it was even released.

Notes Wurschum: "Yes, it is true. Because of Barnes & Noble sales, our CD was in its second printing before it was officially released. It was also #1 at Darla, our distributor, for a while. This was due, in part, to our track in the Jack Johnson movie (and soundtrack). But we have some songs in other movies, and in some television commercials, as well… None of us were expecting this at all. We knew we had fans from all over the world~ happily, they write to us quite a bit ~ but the sales were more than we were imagining."


"Because of Barnes & Noble sales, our CD was in its second printing before it was officially released. It was also #1 at Darla, our distributor, for a while."

The Voyces
"Kissing Like It's Love"

listen to "

what it is

Cat Stevens with a Margarita and a Sunburn