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Xray Eyeballs
definitely not nothing
by: Charlie Davis - April 5, 2011

While Xray Eyeballs may be new-jacks on the Kanine Records scene, O.J. San Felipe and his rough & tough gang of garage rockers have been making serious moves in Brooklyn for quite sometime. Boasting members from lo-fi pop outfit Gold Triangle, Xray Eyeballs have two cassette tape releases under their belt and are currently prepping for their upcoming “Crystal” EP and “Not Nothing” LP due out in April. You can also expect a tour and SXSW appearance as an added treat.

As far as the tunes themselves, their current single “Crystal” gives a small taste of what’s in store: good-timey garage riffs, steamrolling floor toms, reverb-soaked vox and just the right amount of dark and debauched undertones beneath catchy-as-hell hooks. Frontman O.J. San Felipe often cites lullabies as a big inspiration for his songs, which actually makes a lot of sense (when was the last time you really listened to the lyrics of “rock-a-bye baby”?). And despite any of the music’s darker themes, the songs will still trick you into partying down whether you like it or not (their live show can attest to this). Just please promise that you won’t hurl any baby cradles out of tree branches.

Your forthcoming album will be your first on Kanine Records. Will the change in label constitute any changes/surprises on the record?
Just better recording quality

If you have one, what has been your greatest onstage injury?
Getting electrocuted in a pool of Christmas lights, beer, and cake then getting a concussion and bruising my ass very badly.

One of the first pictures on your Myspace page is the one with hip-hop legend and master-of-drinking-beers-and-hanging-out, Devin the Dude. Do you see any parallels with your music and his? Who initiated the conversation?
I don't see any parallels with our music and Devin the Dude's- I just like his music, he's funny as hell. I saw him eating something, so I said "Gimme some o that!!"

Are there any new bands that you are particularly excited about? Any old bands that you've gotten other people excited about?
Some new bands we like: Dum Dum Girls, Automelodi, Cult of Youth, Widowspeak, Soft Moon, Royal Baths, Cold Cave

You've described your music as having certain qualities of lullabies. Are there any particular lullabies that have inspired your tunes?
Hush Little Baby, Now I Lay me Down to Sleep, Itsy Bitsy Spider


"[The worst onstage injury was] getting electrocuted in a pool of Christmas lights, beer, and cake, and then getting a concussion, and bruising my ass very badly."

Xray Eyeballs
"Not Nothing"

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what it is

catchy dark, droney post punk with songs that range from slow lullabyes to faster freakouts