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In One Wind
Inspired by a bit of everything beautiful
by: Angelo Spagnolo - July 7, 2011


Blending and often juxtaposing elements of pretty much any genre out there, from Pop to Doo-Wop Jazz, from Americana to Math Rock, and using all sorts of instruments to do so, Brooklyn's In One Wind can be described as a big musical carousel. The band is about to release their debut album "How Bright a Shadow!" on August 16th and the 2 songs available for free preview (embedded below) are very promising. This is obviously a group of people belonging to the that category of musicians who are trying to find new musical paths within the pop realm, and these tracks succeed in being at once entertaining and interesting - something too often both pop and experimental music fail to achieve.

Your music has many different influences, from rootsy music to jazz to classical and experimental. How did all these influences converge into one music?

ANGELO: I don’t think it was a conscious decision to have such a wide range of pockets, but just sort of the way things have worked out up to this point. There is so, so much good music to check out and sometimes it’s hard to keep the boundaries up (not that anyone really should though). We’re starting to find our way around the current music and that is definitely guiding what the next batch of songs will be.

Where did the band name come from?
ANGELO: When the band was started I was reading a lot of Wendell Berry and I came across this poem:


All bend

in one wind.

It seemed (and still seems) to have a ton of connections for me.

What are your biggest musical influences?
MAX: My everyday surroundings and particularly my friends and peers. There are a lot of really talented people among my friends and their friends and their friends and I'm frequently influenced and inspired and motivated by them.
ANGELO: I agree with Max. I’m never as motivated to create as after I hear what the people around me are up to. Sometimes it’s just like, “Damn.” Also, seeing the groups that have been around for 10+ years is really inspiring. Two examples: Zs and Dirty Projectors. They both went through so many different phases that all have importance to the amazing music that’s happening now. It’s so exciting to hear.

What's your ideal, realistic four-band bill?
(Assuming you mean with In One Wind): Cuddle Magic Gym, Deer, Zs, In One Wind
MAL: In One Wind, Cuddle Magic, Pattern Is Movement, Becca Stevens Band

What's your dream four band bill?
STEVEN: If this had to include In One Wind, I guess I'd have to say Fred Frith (solo guitar)
Nico Muhly, St. Vincent, In One Wind (backed by the San Francisco Symphony)
My dream lineup for any group I perform with almost always includes Clap your Hands and Say Yeah, Tom Waits, and Bjork, which I think would work really well with In One Wind. If it were a tiny venue, I think IOW with Madeline, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, and The Story of Modern Farming would be excellent.

What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

STEVEN: First concert I saw that truly inspired me to pursue music was seeing the Dave Holland Quintet at the SFJAZZ festival. The first record I bought was "The Best of Paul Desmond"
MAX:Very first CONCERT, and not like, kid field trip or something like that, but real concert that I was really excited about attending, was Dave Matthews Band when I was 9 years old. Yes.
First album I bought was from one of those mail order CD forms. My parents use to get them, and one time, I think I was 9 at the time as well, I convinced them to fill one out and let me make a pick. I picked "Odelay" by Beck.

SAM:The first concert I attended was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Summerfest in Milwaukee, with my mom- nothing quite like grass seats at the Marcus Amphitheater. The first concert I ever went to without a parent was Britney Spears with my cousin Megan she won the tickets on the radio. We tried our best not to have fun, but it was pretty cool.
The first CD I ever bought was from a used CD shop called 'Music Go Round' near my grandparents house in WI. It was Matchbox 20, Yourself or Someone Like You. I bought Del tha Funkee Homosapien's I Wish My Brother George Were Here on the same day, but Matchbox 20 was definitely on top of the stack. Definitely.
: My first concert was a triple bill: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Deep Purple / Ted Nuggent at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pavilion when I was thirteen.
My earliest music I owned was on two tapes. The first was a Michael Jackson mix tape and the other was from that Jim Henson Show, The Dinosaurs. They put out this strange hip-hop/rock record.

What do you love about the NYC music scene?
ROB: It offers extremely high quality music of any type. You can see a symphony orchestra, an improv night at the Stone, a singer-songwriter, an experimental rock band and a jazz group all in one day (if you have the attention and energy).
I love the convergence of every culture in one place. It unbelievable, in the true sense of the word. I can go see classical Indian music one night, an indie rock band the next, and a west African drum and dance corps the next. There is inspiration coming from every direction, and in any way you can digest it.

What would you like to see change in the local scene?

I wish there was more of a sense of music for music's sake, rather than as a revenue stream, with many venues. However the financial realities of running a business in NYC often conflict with that ideal.
Well sometimes I hear bands that play really, really loud and while I know people are into that and everything, I'd still like to listen to music when I'm an old man and so maybe they could turn it down just a little?

What are your plans for the upcoming year?
We're releasing our first full length record "How Bright a Shadow!" on August 16th via Primary Records. We just finished a June tour and will be touring again in the fall as well as playing around the northeast through the end of 2011 and into 2012 to support the record.

Is there someone who has helped your band grow through support?

MAL: There are many people! This band has been helped along by so many of our family members and friends, it almost always feels like we are working toward something for more than 6 people.
STEVEN: We recently campaigned on where we raised over $8,000 to record How Bright a Shadow. Crazy, right? These supporters have become our backbone - allowing us to take our music to the next level. We have a beautiful new record thanks to our dear friends and family!

Is there a piece of equipment you couldn't live without and why?
ROB: My double bass. It's a John Jusek German workshop bass from the 1960s. I immediately connected with its unique sound the first time I played it in a shop in Chicago 5 years ago and knew it was the bass for me.
MAX: I have a cymbal that I found in the attic of my middle school's band room that I absolutely love, even though I don't use it all the time. It's the only thing I have that's irreplaceable.

I’m never as motivated to create as after I hear what the people around me are up to. Sometimes it’s just like, “Damn.”

In One Wind
""How Bright a Shadow!""

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Indie, experimental rhythm and structure, diverse influences