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Avan Lava
Loud fast euphoric super-pop for all
by: Dean Van Nguyen - July 10, 2012


Avan Lava, as a whole, is a mind-blowing spectacle that takes time to behold. The band is a mix of seasoned pros and otherwise unknown underground talent. Ian Pai and Le Chev of Fischerspooner theorized this upbeat hard hitting disco-rock side project while on tour in Brazil four years ago. Since then the band has grown, but Avan Lava is really a troupe. Their live shows feature fantastic displays of laser lights, dance numbers and costumes unparalleled in an other wise too-cool-for-school indie music scene. They sought to remove themselves from the chilled out ambient norm, and erupt onto the indie music circuit with high-energy tracks that get people off the wall and back onto the dance floor. Avan Lava does not create generic four-on-the-floor dance tracks, their music is intricate and intense, but easy to listen to, and most of all fun. Their ear-tickling EP “Flex Fantasy” is available for free online.

In a realm of indie music dominated by angsty words and feelings, you guys are a fresh burst of positivity. That being said, how do you relate to other acts within the burgeoning indie scene in NYC?
Let us start by saying these questions are amazing. Someone did their HOMEWORK! The great thing about being in music (especially the NYC scene) right now is that there's room for everyone. We feel like we're not alone in being positive and energetic, but part of a new movement with bands like SSION and Body Language. Angsty sentiments have become the norm in Indie music, and now energetic upbeat stuff, like what we're doing, is the new counter culture. And we're happy to wave the flag.

How do you feel about the recent rise in electro-rock and dubstep when compared to your musical styles and tastes?
It's amazing that it's become so popular. I remember playing with Skrillex in a bar about 2 years ago, and now he has a Grammy. CRAZY, sexy.... cool. The rise of dance music in the states in general is incredible, it's totally inspiring to see the biggest stars all testing the waters on big room house sounds. It's like, big pop had been semi-boring for years, and now that the house sound palette is involved, it's gotten WAY more exciting. This explosion is definitely doing something bizarre for house music and, and my relationship to it, in that it's not underground AT ALL anymore. But, I think it's important to remember that dance music has always been huge, and I think always will be, in whatever form it's in. This "EDM" movement is inflated Tiesto has been selling out Madison Square Garden for years.

Your live shows are fun and dynamic. Who plans the outfits, lights and the wonderful spectacle that you so flawlessly create?
Everyone is all in on the shows. We could never pull off what we do without everyone rehearsing and working around the clock for days before each show, trying to build new crazy shit with LED's, or running all over town to find the perfect look. Once we hit the stage, we pretend it magically happened, but most of the time we're sleep walking.

Your music is quite complex and the finished product sounds immaculate. What is the general process to creating these tracks?
We normally start by making a ton of beats and demos. Even for our EP of 5 tracks we had 12 full demos. We all write lyrics too. Then we mix and produce everything and try to be really patient until it sounds perfect. You're never going to get a recording to be exactly what's in your brain, but our records are close.

Many groups today seem to reject the notion of becoming popular I feel Avan Lava accepts the notion of popularity. How do you think this general aversion has affected music today?
TC wants to be the next face of Vita CoCo.

I’ve heard in interviews that you guys are all about the show, is there anything new we can expect this summer?
We're in the process of rebuilding ourselves as robots that can fry chicken with their eye lasers. We're also heading to Brasil for intensive Botox sessions. Seriously though, we are always trying to stay one step ahead of stage technology, and absolutely max out all our resources for every show. We're like the KISS of dance music, in that we try to put on the most massive show possible every time. Also, we're lucky to have some heavy hitters around to help point us in the right direction for show tech stuff, but.... we won't be satisfied until we're playing on the moon and levitating. (Reunion Tour 2030?)

"We're like the KISS of dance music, in that we try to put on the most massive show possible every time."

Avan Lava
"Flex Fantasy"

what it is

Positive, stimulating electronic dance music. For those who like: Chromeo, Sigur Ros, Beach House.