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by: Devon Antonetti & Josh Johnson - October 9, 2012


The members of Florida duo Blonds first set up shop in New York to work on the follow-up to their 2011 EP Dark Roots, putting the finishing touches on their full-length album The Bad Ones earlier this year. The group - made up of real-life couple Carie Rae and Jordy Asher - headed up north with their moody, indie-pop songs in hopes of fine-tuning their sound with Rare Book Room producer Nicholas Vernhes, who has worked with everyone from Fischerspooner to Deerhunter. The Bad Ones was released in August and highlights the band's dramatic, lovesick lyrics with Rae's unforgettable, soulful vocals.

Your debut album, “The Bad Ones,” came out over the summer. Do you feel any different now that you have an official album out?

It feels kind of like you just had a baby. We worked on the album for months, and we are just really excited to see it stepping out into the world.

On songs like “Heartstrings” and “Magic,” Cari sings with a very jazz-like style. Did jazz have a lot of influence over the record? What other bands and styles influenced the record’s sound?

Jordy swears by Kanye West, as far as production goes. The sound of Cari's voice is inherently classic, so jazz lights up sometimes when she is singing.

“Mr. E” sounds like it could be a James Bond theme song. Did you write it with 007 in mind?


How did you come up with the band name? Were there any other candidates before you decided to go down The Weeknd route?

It was the first name we came up with, and we didn't know about the other band "Blondes" at the time.

Blonds played at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. How does it feel to be a part of the historic festival?

Amazing. We feel really lucky to have already been able to play a few festivals this year, and we love living in NYC.


Jordy swears by Kanye West, as far as production goes.

"The Bad Ones"

what it is

"Moody indie pop with dramatic, lovesick lyrics".