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Dinosaur Feathers
by: Mike Levine & Tracy Mamoun - October 9, 2012


Dinosaur Feathers have been active in the NYC scene for quite some time now, but their peculiarly colorful pop hasn’t lost any of the exuberance of their beginnings. Single 'Untrue' (off their latest record Whistle Tips) is something Franz Ferdinand might have made if they spent some time surfing in Mali. The album as a whole feels like the band mic'd a barbeque and recorded the site live. Another standout from the record is the groove-a-licious 'Fantasy Memorial' The track is so much fun - you’ll feel like you just met the woman of your dreams (who happens to surf in...Mali!)

Seems, listening to your songs, from Teenage Whore to Your Move, that the ladies (or maybe one lady?)  have been giving you a WHOLE lot of inspiration when it comes to writing your lyrics - whose story(ies) are we following?

It really depends. The two songs you just mentioned were written by different people. A few songs on the new album sounds like they're about love interests, but are about other things entirely. 

Now, leaving girl stories aside - what's for you the best part of  NY 'City Living' when you're a young band looking for an adventure?

Well, probably not too much. The real adventure is on the road, but it's hard to go out on the road a lot and keep living in NYC, which is why only one of us actually lives in NYC now. That's the benefit of having a girlfriend with a steady gig. 

Are there any rules you like to stand by when it comes to composing your music, in order to keep your most sprightly, jangling, glistening arrangements out of twee-land?

There are definitely no hard set rules guiding the music. And there are a lot of different things we want to do musically, so that's what guides us I guess - just wanting to explore new ideas. 

Still on 'Whistle Tips' -  comparing it to your last full-length 'Fantasy Memorial', you seem to have 'kicked things up a notch' in terms of production - care to tell us a little about the album's recording process?

For Whistle Tips, we decided to try going into the studio and working with a producer. A lot of it was taking advantage of a chance encounter on the road. It was a really cool experience and it definitely allowed us to craft a sound we would have been unable to get on our own.

How did the fall tour go? Any hiccups that may entertain drama-thirsty readers or was it a smooth ride? 

No hick-ups yet, but we still got a few days left. While I know that's not the most entertaining tale to tell, it's usually the best sign that it's been a good tour. Mostly, we've just enjoyed hanging out with Shark? and testing our ability to find people willing to put up 6 dudes for the night when there's only a dozen people at the show. 

With the new album out, any idea what you're gonna be bringing in next? Was visiting your page recently, and saw something quite funny about a rock opera idea - as it doesn't sound like acompletely improbable follow-up project, I have to ask.. was that just a joke? What's next for you, once CMJ's over?

That's a good question. We've been on the road for much of this year, so it'll be time to sort of recharge and figure that out.


'We've just enjoyed hanging out with Shark? and testing our ability to find people willing to put up 6 dudes for the night when there's only a dozen people at the show.'

Dinosaur Feathers
"Whistle Tips"

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