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Dynasty Electric
daft punk is playing at their house...
by: Mike Levine - September 28, 2012


With their teeth cut from Portishead and Goldfrapp's school of heavy romanticism flung over throbbing nightmare beats, Dynasty Electric offers an enthusiastic response to any question you had about staying up all night tonight. To this end, singer Jenny Electrik offers several compelling reasons to stick things out in your neighborhood dance floor this evening. Tracks like 'Automatic Ecstatic' and 'Feel it in Your Body,' from their latest self-titled full-length, provide all the ammo you need. Like an energy drink with a side of pheromones, Dynasty Electric are lighting up Brooklyn's otherwise shoegazer venues with an overdose of action, coupled with a nod to New York's artsier set.

You're ending a fairly extensive tour. How did it go? Any favorite cities?

Our tour has been fantastic. We started in Philadelphia at The Liberty Music Fest, played a string of shows out to the Burning Man Festival, and we're currently in LA. Burning Man was definitely the major highlight of the trip so far. We played on a pirate ship in front of an enormous effigy of Wall St. engulfed in flames.

For an independent band, your videos are among the most detailed and imaginative of anything I've seen this year. How are you folks able to pull this off?

Thank you! We've been really fortunate to have met amazing directors and visual artists that have wanted to make videos for our music. Our video for Closer to Contact, directed by Josh Chesler and Justin Tyler, was actually financed and produced by an ad agency. They wanted a music video in their reel and we were the lucky recipients! Our recent video Eye Wide Open, directed by John Fitzgerald, was able to come together thanks to the good graces of our label No Shame. For our most recent video, Oasis, we found a piece of video art from our friend Larry Carlson that perfectly matched the track. It was the easiest music video we've ever put together! It's really trippy, check it out on YouTube!

I've heard I should watch out at your live shows. Tell me what to expect?

Our singer Jenny Electrik picked up her name thanks to the huge amount of energy she puts out on stage. She truly is an electric lead singer. We cut our teeth as a band playing sweaty Brooklyn warehouse parties, so we love to kick out the jams and get the crowd moving.

I love how aligned your visual sense is with the music. Was this always the plan or did it more or less come together like that?

We've always been interested in developing the visual side of the music but it's mostly come together organically through our collaborations with various artists.

I'm curious about how you came to merge a punky aesthetic with straight-up club beats. Was this the original concept?

We're all about merging the power and sound of electronic music and DJs with the energy and feel of live music. Our roots are in punk, free jazz, and classic rock, and we also love electronic music so we're always looking for ways to mix it all up.

We cut our teeth as a band playing sweaty Brooklyn warehouse parties, so we love to kick out the jams and get the crowd moving.

Dynasty Electric

what it is

Electro-rock duo pressing all the right buttons. For those who like: Goldfrapp, Estelle, The Raveonettes