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Eytan & The Embassy
shape-shifting musical potpourri
by: Mike Levine - September 28, 2012


Eytan Oren could probably be accused of many things, but unmotivated would not be one of them. In his latest video for 'Everything Changes' (which has received 420,000 views in just one week), Eytan and The Embassy express an appeal to adaptation, set to music that vaguely references 'Cruel to be Kind.' The video goes through a startling 18 costume changes with no editing. As one insightful YouTube commenter remarked: 'Damn you got such a distinctive face, but still manage to show off so many different personalities!' Indeed. Eytan wears a lot of hats in this band - both musically and literally. With a new record scheduled to be released in early October, the Brooklyn singer isn't done reinventing himself. From the consoling dance fever of opener 'No Reason to Cry,' to the mid-tempo 'Good Morning Marilyn,' Eytan has a knack for reclaiming classic rock and pop styles as his own.

Tell me about InBloom. This sounds like a fantastic idea for a 'conscious' app.

inBloom is a free iPhone app I built with Andy Ross from OK Go. It's a location based app similar to Yelp but specifically shows the nearest sustainable and eco friendly businesses-- restaurants, groceries, famers markets, eco hotels, biodiesel stops, etc. It started as a tool for musicians to find alternatives to fast food on the road, and Kevin Devine and An Horse were the first bands to test it out and give us feedback last year on a tour sponsored by my organization Musician's Energy Conservation Alliance (MECA).

So I know you've been asked a lot about your shape-shifting video 'Everything Changes.' Do you prefer Record Setter to The Guiness book of world Records?

I don't necessarily have a preference for one or the other but Record Setter pioneered a fun, modern, and interactive approach to world records that I love. The categories that qualify for a world record are often pretty arbitrary and who's to say which are worth paying attention to? Record Setter's line of thinking is that everyone should be able to be the world record holder of something, and I buy into that.

What is it like working with Andy Ross from OK Go on your latest record?

Andy's one of my closest friends and we've played in bands together before he joined OK Go. It's always great working with him-- he has a great sense for melody as a songwriter and comes up with great parts for guitar and bass.

Tell me about the erhu, and why are you interested in recording with this rare instrument?

The erhu is a Chinese stringed instrument, somewhat similar to a violin but with a more nasal tone. You'll often see erhu players in the subway and the sound of the instrument always grabs my attention-- it has a sadness and longing to it that I love. My parents bought me one as a present and I'm looking forward to working it into some recordings.

Record Setter's line of thinking is that everyone should be able to be the world record holder of something, and I buy into that.

Eytan & The Embassy
"Everything Changes"

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