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Il Abanico
Psychedelic sound collage from around the world
by: Mike Levine - October 4, 2012


Transplants Nicolas Losada and Julianna Ronderos have brought the vibrant colors of their native Columbia from their country, to our backyard. The duo has made Brooklyn their new home, and just might make things here a little more con vida for the rest of us. From the balloon-toting, floor tom stomping bear in latest video 'Keep Calling,' to the bilingual inventions of lead singer Juliana, their new EP 'Crossing Colors' weaves a cultural rainbow of shapes and sounds together that you won't need a passport to experience.

Your music seems to exist in divergent cultures simultaneously. Can
you inform an ignorant fan about what Columbian music your band has
pulled its styles from?

We didn’t pull from any Colombian styles. In fact we are the opposite from what’s going on in Colombia.  We are more like a reflection of New York’s multiculturalism.

How does your writing process work? I know you share a very close
relationship with your bandmates?

We live together. We get along really well.  Our writing process is simple. Nicolas (guitar) and Juliana (voice) bring a basic song idea and then with the rest of the band we figure out other parts.
So where did you find a bear to cart balloons around in your latest video?

We did that video while we were living in LA.  We had the chance to make a video for free but with limited time so, we didn’t have a lot of time to make up a story. We just bought some balloons and rented a bear mask and that was it! The bear dies at the end but I’m not sure if that comes through.
When can we expect to see a full-length album?

Actually we are doing an EP.  In December/January for sure! We already have the art ready!

What's it like working with performers from around the world?

It’s great. The difference is that we all have different backgrounds: culturally, ethnically, politically and musically so we learn a lot. Just like living in NY.


We are the opposite from what’s going on in Colombia.  We are more like a reflection of New York’s multiculturalism.

Il Abanico
"Crossing Colours"

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Phantasmagoric fantasies crafted by mysterious chanteuse.
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