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Nostalgic Indie Shoegaze
by: Lucy Sherman - January 8, 2013


Brooklyn dream-pop quartet Lazyeyes show a lot of promise, even if they haven't released a full-length album yet. With a freshly released debut EP under their beltand a mention in The Deli's list of the best NYC Emerging Artists of 2012, this year could be one of growth for the band. Their music calls for the long summer days ahead even more than the Manhattan wind tunnels, and as warm weather approaches their songs will resonate more and more with the many dreamers out there (and in here). Jason Abrishami's vocals melt into his guitar interplay with Renan McFarland, while Paul Volpe on bass and Jeremy Sampson on drums keep the beat steady. We had the chance to ask Abrishami a few questions about Lazyeyes and their music.

How did you guys come to form Lazyeyes?

We were introduced through mutual friends, and we hung out a bit before I showed them the demos that I have been working on. Once I showed them the songs I've been demoing Jeremy, Paul and Renan wanted to form a band and we began production/practicing.

How long did it take to finalize the EP you released in January?

Most of the songs were written in June 2012 and we began recording in July. Since then our good buddy Eric has been slaving on editing, producing, and recording the entire EP. He's spent over 72 straight hours on each song.

You've released the songs "Wait" and "Forever" online, both of which will be included on the EP ."Wait" has a melancholy feel with a shoegaze-y edge, whereas "Forever" has more of a lo-fi pop beat. What would you say is the overall mood of the EP?

Correct, both "Wait" & "Forever" will be on the EP, as well as two other songs ("Nostalgia" & "Daydream"). I would say the overall mood of the EP is reminiscent of nostalgic memories of out of body experiences, and hazy summer days.

You played a CMJ showcase this past October. Was that the first time any of you had played for CMJ?

I've played CMJ the year before with my old band The Twees. It's always such a chaotic week! There's so many shows and open bars, it'll drive you nuts for a good moment.

What are some other bands you've shared the bill with? Do you have any friends you play shows with?

We've played shows with Generationals, Luke Rathborne, Oberhofer, Total Slacker, Filligar, Chappo, etc. We have a ton of friends that we play shows with: Grand Resort, Heliotropes, Dead Stars, Quiet Loudly, Ski Lodge, etc.

What's your favorite venue you've played?

We have played a ton of shows ...this is a hard one. I'd have to say Glasslands is on the top of the list of venues we've played, they have such a good sound system + vibe to it. We were playing a lot of shows at our buddy Danny's place called 171 Lombardy. Sadly, they all got evicted from the venue/warehouse and it no longer exists. But I've always had such a blast playing there and hanging out!

"...the overall mood of the EP is reminiscent of nostalgic memories of out of body experiences, and hazy summer days. "


what it is

Lo-fi dream pop with a shoegaze twist.