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can you say “o0Oo0Oo”?
by: Paul Dunn - July 8, 2010


Though German metal truly rocks, New Yorkers will be happy to discover that the Tacoma-based, Brooklyn-transplanted Oberhofer is a bit more mellow…something like MGMT rather than Rammstein. And if names can be deceiving, why not age? At 19, Brad Oberhofer transforms youthful emotional exaggerations into mature articulations of feeling, while retaining that messy rawness. “AWY FRM U” with its ADHD drumming style and frantic guitars is a perfect example -- "You're pushing me away from you/Oh and I know what I'll do/I'll hop the fence/So I can get out of this mess." Oberhofer showcases simple, imaginative lyrics from the mind and heart of someone in synch with his feelings, especially when they’re confused or contradictory, as feelings often are. His recorded vocal has a psychedelic, surf-like quality, with lots of “ooo’s”, like he’s arriving from some far off place – perfect, for say, a Sobe commercial featuring a near-nude Ashley Greene on the beach (the genius “o0Oo0Oo” soundtracks the spot). Oberhofer himself lent us a few words:

How much of your sound was crafted in your hometown of Tacoma, and how much (if any) was created or influenced by the vibe in NYC and Brooklyn?

I’d say almost all of it was crafted in Tacoma. I had space to be loud and play drums. However, I attribute my style of songwriting to no place though Tacoma granted me physical resources to explore it. I believe I’m the same everywhere I go, and other than for making connections and physical constraint, locations are fairly irrelevant.

Have you compiled a steady band for recording and song-writing, or is Oberhofer still primarily a solo project?

In the recordings thus far, I have written and played all of the parts. For the live show, Andrew Heaton (guitar), Mike Parham (bass), and Pete Sustarsic (drums) all write their own parts, loosely based on the recordings, but entirely original.

What’s your music-writing process? Do your lyrics and sounds reflect real-life experiences and feelings, or is it more of an unconscious development?

I usually feel a certain way and pick up an instrument or hum whatever I’m thinking. The sounds absolutely reflect real-life experiences and feelings in addition to being a completely unconscious development. Creating art with the subconscious is the purest method of articulating feelings and personal experiences.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Hahaha, when i was thirteen, I was walking home from school with my friend, Dawson. Dawson lived up the hill from my house. I shit my pants on the way to the bathroom of his house and cried about it. I had to walk down the hill to get home. I was wearing shorts. Shit in my shoes. Crying.

Future plans for Oberhofer?

Planning to finish the first record. Planning to finish writing the second record. Hoping to tour!!! No matter what though, always planning to write songs.

" Creating art with the subconscious is the purest method of articulating feelings and personal experiences. "


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Music for a modern-day The Wonder Years. for those who like: Animal Collective, Grandaddy, MGMT.