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Groovy Rock for the 21st Century
by: Ed Guardaro - July 5, 2012


Upbeat, catchy and serenely produced, Skaters debut EP Schemers is a refreshing return to groove in an otherwise frenetic aural genre. Their songs call to grand truths of times past. They sing love songs shrouded in clairvoyant wisdom. Skaters’sound teeters on the edge of two musical genres – one foot in the up-tempo pop-punk world, the other knee deep in worldly grooves that feel timeless. Their live shows feature impromptu improvisations and unexpected interludes – proof that they are competent musicians, masterful in their ways. Three different people, hailing from three different places (Boston, LA and the UK), Skaters come together with a coherent melancholy that harkens back to The Strokes when they were cool. Schemers has the exciting feeling of the start to something beautiful.

Is there a principal songwriter, or is creating new tracks a collaborative process or a mixture of both?
The songs are less “written” as they are delivered from space. They just beam down in vibe-y wavelengths of color and sound, and I’m just a medium, man. Just kidding – I write the songs.

If you had to describe your go-to sound when jamming, would it be something like the upbeat anthem of “Are We Just Doomed” or more along the lines of “Good Weird Woman” and “Fear of the Knife”?
We don't really jam actually. No time man! But, generally we like to play things fast and loud. So it would probably be more along the lines of “Are We Just Doomed,” unless it was real late night, and I jump on the drums. Then things get funky…real funky – like, bad funky.

You have all been in previous bands before. Is Skaters a side project, or the main focus of your musical careers at this point in time?
SKATERS IS the project. Here we go…

"Generally we like to play things fast and loud."


what it is

Pop-punk with a mature dynamic of soothing grooves. For those who like: The Strokes, The Dig, and Jason Collett.