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Ski Lodge
by: Amanda Dissinger - March 19, 2012


Ski Lodge is the very new indie pop project of Andrew Marr - previously known as The Clementines. After releasing his first EP under the new moniker via Dovecote Records in September, Marr put together a band and started performing as a quartet. Their self titled debut EP is chock full of jangly indie pop gems with a nostalgic retro vibe. Songs like “A Game” and “I Would Die To Be” are instant pop classics, lighthearted and full of "mid-fi" character. Andrew's songwriting and vocals might recall the simple magic of early The Smiths, while the band's sonics are grounded in the Brooklyn glo-fi sound of the new decade (think Beach Fossils), with occasional tropical references. Though Ski Lodge has only been performing together since September, they’ve instantly become one of the NYC music scene’s favorite live bands, and will be releasing a full length of their bouncy pop in the spring.

What is your musical background and how did the band start playing together?

I started off playing the classical piano at a young age. I still play the piano(organ/synth) but a couple years ago i started focusing on teaching myself the guitar/bass so that I could write a wider variety of songs. Different instruments tend to inspire me in different ways. As a band, we are actaully somewhat of a "craigslist success story". At least partially... I connected with Jared (our bass player) through his older sister whom I was friends with when I lived in Florida. Once I made the move back up to NYC in June we started to get together and look for a couple other people. Tim (drums) & John (guitar) became part of the picture within a couple months of looking.

What is the story behind the name Ski Lodge?

I mainly chose the name just because I liked how it looked and sounded. It also works well as a metaphor, for what a lot of my music is about. It's like an emotional place to escape to. A place to seek solace from the cold, or somethin like that...

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three albums would you bring (I'd bring your music!)
Thanks, i would be totally offended if you didn't choose our EP as one of the 3. I'd say for right now maybe The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead, Beach House - Teen Dream, The Walkmen - Lisbon

You've been playing in NYC for a while with different bands- what are you favorite parts about being an NYC based band?
Compared to a lot of other bands we're like brand new in this scene I think. We only started playing live in September. I get reminded of that when I get anxious about why things aren't taking off like they should be. like "dude, you've only been a band for like 2 weeks, chill out" Its just really easy for me to be impatient and ungrateful for the stuff I've already achieved.
But back to the question, I LOVE being based out of New York. After trying to make a band work in Florida and having it not work out, I realize that the creative energy in this city is just really special. I don't think i'd rather be anywhere else.

What are some of the bands that Ski Lodge is influenced by?
Really so many, some that have been inspiring me for a while have been The Smiths, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Beach House, The Walkmen, Beach Boys.
I also can't help but be influenced by lots of the great stuff that bands have been putting out very recently. I'm a big fan of Youth Lagoon, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, The Drums, Future Islands.

What is the status on upcoming releases/tour dates for the band?
Our next major release is going to be for an LP. No release date for that yet, but we'll most likely set the tone by releasing a single in like April or May maybe?

" I LOVE being based out of New York. [...] the creative energy in this city is just really special. I don't think i'd rather be anywhere else. "

Ski Lodge
"self-titled EP"

what it is

Sweetly dreamy, upbeat indie pop music, for those who like: Vampire Weekend, The Smiths, Beach Fossils, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.