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Wildlife Control
Alchemist brothers that can turn anything into a rock standard
by: Mike Levine - October 9, 2012


There's nothing subtle about Wildlife Control. For anyone missing the simple, straightforward sounds of slickly channeled rock the way I remember it before the freaks screwed with our sense of direction, Wildlife Control has got you covered. Miss analog? Check out 'Analog or Digital.' Love music? 'Melody' could be your new jam. This is a band for the here and now, and celebrating how great we have it already, served up with the kind of energy and heart that could only come from a nine-piece band complete with strings, guitar and even tabla. And what could be simpler and more fun than that?

So what's it like working with your brother? I know I've had trouble just collaborating on buying Xmas gifts wit my own little brother. Do you guys have any of these problems or do you get along pretty well?

N: It’s hell, but it’s awesome. Take all the madness of working with your brother and multiply that by the madness of dealing with bandmates. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


So are you interested at all in label representation or do you prefer the independence of doing things on your own?

N: We get contacted pretty much weekly by labels, big and small. We’re interested in working with anyone whose values are aligned with ours, and we’re grateful to have open dialogues with some folks in the industry we respect very much. We have a strong sense of our artistic identity, so that’s gonna stay no matter what happens on the business side of things.

Tell me about your interactive 8-bit video for Analog or Digital?

S: This was one of the first things we put out in the world. We wanted to do something a little different. Now that there are things like SoundCloud and HTML5 and humans all over the world with reasonably fast computers, it seemed like a good time to push the envelope on the whole concept of what a music video is. What we ended up building turned out not to be a video at all, although it looks somewhat like one. Each square colored pixel is actually a generic standard building block of a web page called a “div.” Every website is made of these. They usually contain text or images or a billion social media widgets. In our case, we put a bunch of them in a grid and made a light show that’s timed to the music. You can leave a comment and have it appear right in the video for everyone to see. In case all that sounds boring: robots, dinosaurs, dogs, aliens, and rocketships.

It sounds like your latest record was put together pretty much anywhere you could find the right setting/people to get it together. Tell me about this process and some of the people you worked with here.

N: It was a matter of necessity, really. We tracked parts in whatever location and room made the most sense for that player and instrument. The musicians we worked with are all old friends, many of whom we’ve recorded with on other projects, so they were game for whatever. We can still hear the different acoustics and environments layered on top of each other, which is a lot of fun. On a track like Brooklyn, there’s a big drum room, tight vocal room, and a location recording of Prospect Park.

So what's next? Are you creating any more videos from this Album's material, or already looking to the next record?

S: A little of both, and some other stuff too. The last 12 months have been incredible. We have a lot in mind for the next 12 months. We’re always parallel processing a bunch of things at various stages of development. There is definitely more music on the way. In the immediate future, we’re really excited about launching the upcoming “Analog or Digital” Remix Competition. You’ll hear more about that very soon.


Take all the madness of working with your brother and multiply that by the madness of dealing with bandmates.

Wildlife Control
"Wildlife Control"

what it is

What do you get when you put two brothers, a heap of new technology, and every instrument available together in the same room? 
For those who like: Rick Springfield, The Cars, Elvis Costello