Aloke -
Self Titled - EP
By C. Jones

I have a problem I obviously share with too many New Yorkers: I never dance when I go to see rock bands. But at least I ask myself why… am I too self-conscious? Am I afraid that people will think I'm an idiot? I'm not sure, but here's a proposition for the New Year: let's go see Aloke's next gig and wear our shoes off by the stage! These guys have those kind of tense guitar based songs that work perfectly when catharsis is needed. And what's more cathartic than blaming your enemy? Here is "You did it… again!" - the opening track. Scream it and dance it pointing your finger around with anger! It will help you regain self-estime… The other 4 songs on the mini-album showcase a talented post-punk/post-rock combo with some interesting influences (Devo?) blessed by good songwriting skills and a genetic tendency to avoid banality and… explode!