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Vox, bass, 2nd guitar needed for synth-punk, post punk project.

looking for: Other
genre: Punk / Garage
location: Brooklyn
posted: November 19, 2015 8:59:44 am EST

Looking for preferably female musicians (guitar, bass, vox) for a synth punk band. Here's a link to a SoundCloud page I set up with 5 demo tracks (no vocals yet): My influences are bands like The Screamers, 45-Grave, Germs, Saccharine Trust, Units, Normal, Suicide (from the first record), B-52s (not Love Shack), Christian Death, TSOL, The Maggots, Chrome, Tuxedomoon, Devo (not Whip It), Eyes, Community FK, Killing Joke, many of the new European bands: Black Bug, Chevau, Frustration. I want to play dark, pulsing, loud, paranoid, conceptual, sarcastic, and cynical music, centered around dangerous and unpredictable live performances with snotty and intelligent lyrics made by angry nerds.

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