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Experienced Male Lead Singer Available

looking for: Band
genre: For Hire (anything) / Covers
location: NYC
posted: November 28, 2015 5:09:52 pm EST

Hi. I'm 45 years old and looking to join a working rock / pop cover band. I do this for fun as an outlet for me and to entertain others. I also take it very seriously in that I am not looking to go out and embarrass myself or my bandmates. I want to be consistently great on every song at every gig. I have been able to perform songs from AC/DC to ZZ Top and everything in between (even a little country but just a little...) I've been back in NYC for a couple of months after 8 years with my last band in Chicago and am ready to get back on stage. Performance clips and a list of cover tunes recently performed available at - not too bad considering everything was recorded with an iPad Original work available at Some influences include Bon Jovi, Poison, Queensryche, Journey, Hall & Oates, Van Halen, Rick Springfield (yup, I went there), Rush, Metallica, Crue, Leppard, Prince, and on and on and on.... I hope you like what you hear and contact me...thanks!

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