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looking for: Other
genre: For Hire (anything) / Covers
location: Brooklyn
music link:
posted: June 15, 2017 3:41:22 pm EST

We’re a Brooklyn-based company that focuses on music production, design, web development, and social media. We tell stories and create experiences that both educate and inspire all within an affordable budget. Our process is comprehensive and unequivocal: we get to know you so we can craft the most memorable experience for your audience. Our team is extremely motivated and will work tirelessly to make sure we understand your vision and extract it exactly the way you want, if not better. We want to give people like you a platform to express yourselves openly, and to become part of something big. Finally Free Productions is an extraordinary group of talented individuals looking to collaborate with other individuals and to develop a unique roster of artists. The Artist Development Program: Our artist development program is a service for artists to take the next important step. In today's world, the music industry is interested in a polished project, no longer waiting to develop talent as it was in the old days. This is precisely where we can help. We offer our Artist Development Program to artists wanting to improve their skills and public image and help build a professional and polished music portfolio so that your hard work doesn't go unheard within the music industry. The Process: First we sit down with the artist. During this consultation we decide whether the artist has the ability and drive to pursue a career in music. If so, we begin the process that will ultimately set the artist up as a musical artist and polish their music portfolio to prepare the artist to enter the competitive world of music. Our packages are very affordable as we only charge ⅓rd of the industry standard. Even our largest package deal is super affordable. Check out the Finally Free Productions website or e-mail us for more information on the consultation. Contact us at : 1-917-403-1932

note: it is strictly forbidden to use the following email address for anything other than contacting the band/musician about the services they have requested in their post.

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Alt Rock
Country / Blues

Folk / Singer Songwriters
For Hire (anything) / Covers
Hip Hop
Indie Pop
Indie Rock
Lo-Fi / DIY
Mainstream / Melodic / RnB
Noise Rock / Industrial
Post Rock / Experimental
Psych Rock / Shoegazer