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I wanna fuckin sing! (Female singer looking for band)

looking for: Accordion
genre: Rock / Alternative
location: New York
posted: January 28, 2020 10:56:09 am EST

Hey I’m a 20 year old starving musician I just wanna find a group of people with the same vision as me. If anyone needs a female vocalist or guitar player here I am. I’m driven, capable and addicted to music and I’m ready when you are. My Inspos and musicians I love include... Janis Joplin,fka twigs, Jimi Hendrix, grimes, the strokes, the pixies, björk, Caroline polachek, Lana del Rey,Kali uchis, sonic youth,the roots,the velvet underground, Lou reed himself, Angelyne. And many others. Email me if interested I can send you some audio of me singing or playing. Hmu !

note: it is strictly forbidden to use the following email address for anything other than contacting the band/musician about the services they have requested in their post.

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