What's your favorite Emerging Bay Area Artist on this List?
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Drea. M

posted by: Cristina
( 11/28/2016 11:48 am EST)

drea has always been a very devoted artist all her life .. i love her voice .. her style .. and her music .. she is my favorite artist in the bay .. love you drea ..

Psychic Mind

posted by: Bill
( 11/28/2016 12:22 pm EST)

psychic mind rocks .. can .. t wait for their new music. my votes goes to them and so should yours.

Props for Drea

posted by: JD
( 11/30/2016 12:14 pm EST)

drea .. s music truly moved us at the priceless festival .. and she was a delight to work with as well. since then .. her talents have only grown. watch this rising star ..

Psychic Mind ..

posted by: T
( 11/30/2016 02:15 pm EST)

this band is incredible i can .. t wait for there next show .. vote psychic mind

Psychic Mind

posted by: Greg Z.
( 11/30/2016 05:43 pm EST)

really digging the mellow but energetic vibe.

Drea M.

posted by: J.V. Gutierrez
( 11/30/2016 08:10 pm EST)

great artist .. i love her music.


posted by: Vladimir D.
( 11/30/2016 08:37 pm EST)

drea.m - lovely voice and great lyrics. definitely my favorite emerging bay area artist .. ..

psychic mind for days

posted by: Don
( 12/01/2016 12:05 pm EST)

this band is my jam .. ..

Great sound ..

posted by: Greg
( 12/01/2016 12:29 pm EST)

psychic mind all day .. saw them live a few weeks ago and was blown away .. great band .. they are on their way.


posted by: Sam Hiken
( 12/02/2016 01:37 am EST)

drea m. is my gove for fav. new artist

Drea M.

posted by: Dan Reback
( 12/04/2016 10:08 pm EST)

... gets my vote.

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