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Which of these local acts should be our next San Francisco Artist of the Month?
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Go Travis Go ..

posted by: Jared
(09/09/2014 01:23 pm EST)

vote for travis hayes ..

Travis kicks butt

posted by: Mark
(09/09/2014 03:50 pm EST)

travis kicks butt .. whether solo .. with his great band .. or with emily.

Travis Represents

posted by: Mike Hayes
(09/15/2014 07:50 pm EST)

best singer in the family

Vote Peach .. ..

posted by: Peachyfan4lyfe
(09/16/2014 01:48 am EST)

peachelope is wonderful and has two very beautiful and powerful women in the band. nufsaid.


posted by: Dizzel
(09/16/2014 01:56 pm EST)

i voted peachelope

Peaches ..

posted by: BunnyZ
(09/16/2014 02:17 pm EST)

peachelope .. definately.

Travis .. .. ..

posted by: Marisol
(09/16/2014 04:53 pm EST)

travis is awesome and is amazing live .. .. ..

peachiness ..

posted by: gavin
(09/16/2014 04:56 pm EST)

nothin like em ..


posted by: meow
(09/17/2014 05:30 pm EST)

peachy queens 4 eva

Travis ..

posted by: Kevin Gavney
(09/17/2014 07:06 pm EST)

a vote for travis is a vote for talent ..


posted by: lefty
(09/17/2014 07:42 pm EST)

i like my talent in babe packaging


posted by: Matt Mrcy
(09/17/2014 08:09 pm EST)

peachelope for days .. son


posted by: De Juan
(09/17/2014 08:10 pm EST)

travis 4 lyfe .. .. .. .. .. everyone else is also cool.

The guy is so talented

posted by: Robert
(09/17/2014 11:58 pm EST)

the man brings out roots of san francisco like the grateful dead was.

Peachelope ..

posted by: xlntjoy
(09/18/2014 02:25 am EST)

voted peachelope... they .. re so cool ..

Peachy ..

posted by: Mycho CocoA
(09/18/2014 03:02 am EST)

i want to see hear experience peachalope .. ..


posted by: M
(09/18/2014 12:21 pm EST)



posted by: Tiffany
(09/18/2014 04:01 pm EST)

peachelope i love you .. )


posted by: Courtney
(09/18/2014 07:12 pm EST)

travis to win ..


posted by: DA
(09/18/2014 07:40 pm EST)

one bite and you .. ll be hooked for life


posted by: Mew.mew
(09/18/2014 07:48 pm EST)

woooooo .. ladies on da dance floor in them danger shoes

If you want to feel peachy then VOTE PEACHY .. ..

posted by: Kimber
(09/18/2014 08:46 pm EST)

eeee go peachelope .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

The Peach

posted by: Brittany
(09/19/2014 12:05 am EST)

love peachelope... they .. re so refreshing and original. you don .. t find that very often. love their music .. vote peachelope ..


posted by: Cheat Er
(09/19/2014 05:34 am EST)

i like how in the last 15 minutes all of a sudden 34 people voted for travis hayes. definitely last minute fans and not illegal torrents. definitely.


posted by: Travis friend for real
(09/19/2014 05:36 am EST)

5o times .. let me tell you what proxy servers i used .. what an easy way to ensure a win ..


posted by: Not Travis
(09/19/2014 05:37 am EST)

anyone interested in how to rig these polls .. ask away. my name is not travis. wiiiiiiiink


posted by: travis hayes
(09/19/2014 05:41 am EST)

wanna cheat .. ask me how

Its so easy to cheat at these

posted by: Not Travis Hayes lol
(09/19/2014 05:42 am EST)

like for real. ask me what proxy servers to use.

Tor Project

posted by: Travis Hayes
(09/19/2014 05:44 am EST)

scared you .. ll lose these polls .. use the link above to the tor project and you and just keep on voting over and over ..

Sore loss

posted by: Myself
(09/19/2014 06:30 am EST)

sore losers .. not cool and not rock star-like ..

Uncool ..

posted by: Karmas~a~bitch
(09/20/2014 12:58 am EST)

cheating is not cool or rock star like .. either. it .. s not sore loser... it .. s cheating fake winner. i saw how many were suddenly jammed in the last minute ... proxy server .. there is no way... like 60 out of nowhere and in just a few minutes ..


posted by: Still myself
(09/20/2014 01:58 am EST)

first 34 votes in the last 15 minutes .. now 60 in just a few minutes .. get your accusations straight and own up to the likelihood that you didn .. t win .. you are in no position to preach about karma


posted by: oh, y'know
(09/20/2014 02:11 am EST)

travis has nearly 2800 fb likes vs. your less than 500 .. face the music .. no pun intended

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